Dream Dress Creations
Let me do for you what I did for Cinderella...

...Let me do for you what I did for Cinderella...complete party planning at reasonable prices. Let us do the work for you and give your child memories that last a lifetime!  your Fairy Godmother 



1. Story time  This is an appropriate story told by the princess or the fairy godmother.

2.  Dance time  This is a structured dance "class" with the princess.  It ranges from a "ballet class" to creative dance with dress up.

3. More extensive Make Up  This is more involved face painting.

4. Present Opening  We will supervise the present opening and hand you a list of presents and names for your thank-yous.

5. Music Fun  The Fairy Godmother will lead the guests in a short and fun music class using the Orff Method.

6. Fun and Games  We will lead the group in a variety of games, not limited to Duck Duck Goose, Robbers and Trees andf many others.

7. Skin Care and Make Up Instruction  This is done in conjuction with the make up application.  I will teach the group how to care for their skin and different make up applications.

8. Craft Tme  This is an additional fee for the Standard and Super Party.  We will do a simple craft for the guests to take home.  

9. Additional delux craft.  We now have more involved crafts.  For an additional fee you can have 2 crafts at your party.  This is good for the Diva parties as we now have the girls make their own glitter nail polish.


The following ad-ons are avaliable:

1. MEMORY BOOK  $25 each  I can create a memory book for your party.  This is a scrap book, high quality and bound.  It is 9X9 inches and includes beautiful10 pages and many photos from my cameras and yours.  Additional pages can be purchased and added to this. 

2. Very Berry Fairy Bear  $20  $15  Special Introductory Price  This is a stuffed bear compete with fairy wings (they fit a child), ribbon halo or tiara, and costume in the color of your favorite princess.   Colors avaliable are pink, green, lavender, yellow, red, blue and white.  Add one to your party as your special gift for your child.  

3.  Make up kits for guests.  I will include a complete make up kit for all guests in a sleep over party.  This included a eye make up kit and brushes in a nice bag.  It is $10 each.  This is an add-on for any party except the delux sleep over where they are included.